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Bus Transportation and Schedules in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two types of bus transportation services. Local buses are fairly cheap and have multiple bus routes in most of the towns. The frequency of these buses is also high and the fare charges are minimal(anywhere between $.50 to $10). Private buses are ideal for touring or long distance traveling and the bus fare is generally above $20.

San José is the transportation center of Costa Rica, however it does not have a main bus stop. The bus offices located in different areas are either large bus companies that sell bus tickets in advance and have big terminals, or small bus companies with roadside stops. Most local buses provide transportation services in different locations including short distances that are difficult to travel by foot. If you are staying in Quepos, check for bus transportation services in Manuel Antonio that offer services to the downtown and other areas nearby.

The directo buses in Costa Rica have fewer stops and charge more for their nonstop services. The colectivo buses halt frequently to pick more passengers(including school students) and charge less. Bus schedules are common for all buses. However, it is preferable to confirm the time while buying the ticket or once you are at the bus stop.

Private buses have better facilities such as comfortable seating and air conditioning, and are convenient for long distance traveling. Private buses offering transportation services in Jaco can conveniently take you to San Jose or other places further with fewer stops. This makes transportation easy especially when you are traveling with a large group or during the dry season when the temperatures are high. Private buses that provide transportation services in Golfito, Zancudo, Pavones or other towns follow a different bus schedule unlike the local buses.


  • Bus schedules are likely to change and it is better to confirm the time while buying the ticket. If you are taking a bus from the roadside, reach early at the bus stop before the scheduled time.
  • Always check the bus schedule during public holidays as it is likely to change one day before or after big festivals like Easter, Christmas, New Year etc.
  • Buses that travel for more than four hours often halt for a rest stop. Sometimes passengers need to keep their luggage with themselves due to space constraints. It is highly recommended to remain vigilant with the personal belongings and avoid asking anyone else to take care of it including strangers sitting next to you.
  • Keep all your documents intact while traveling. Thieves use sly tricks to steal your credit cards, passport and other personal items in public buses.

Here is a handy bus schedule (with bus routes and time) to help you organize your travel plans.

Jaco Bus Schedule View PDF

Quepos/Manuel Antonio Bus Schedule View PDF

Goflito Bus Routes and Water Taxi View PDF