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Who We Are? is a complete online directory of businesses and services for a specific city, town or local area to help consumers find what they need including specials and deals, and for businesses to broadcast their unique products, services and overall offerings.

How it Works?

  1. For Consumers – very easy and FREE!
    Consumers simply enter the website, select any category of interest and look for businesses in that category. Please be aware that a business may be listed in more than one category. As an example, a Restaurant may be listed under several categories -Restaurant category, Bar, Nightlife and even Local Flavor categories.
  2. For Businesses and Services
    There are 4 Membership plans for businesses to choose from ranging from the Complimentary Free Membership Directory to the Elite Membership.
    • Complimentary "Free" Membership – allows businesses to upload critical information such as Company name, location, phone, email, website, hours of operation, receive ratings/reviews as well as a brief tag line and complete SEO capability
    • Basic Membership – All the benefits of the FREE membership but can now list their business in 2 different categories; provide a company logo/image and ability to educate their audience with a and brief description of their products/services/offerings.
    • Premier Membership – All the benefits of the Basic Membership plus can now list in up to 3 categories for increased exposure, ability to provide a much longer company description, post up to 10 images, 5  youtube links and provide monthly Special Ads and  be featured on the front page.
    • Elite Membership – All the benefits of the Premier Membership plus the largest size available for company description - up to 2500 characters, listing in up to 5 categories, capability of 30 images or documents, 10 youtube links and ability to participate in the very visible Center Banner AD as well as always rotate in the top positions of the Featured companies and specific categories.

Additional Banner Ads For Elite Members - You can add Banner Ads at the Bottom of our Page under "Run A Special"

SEO Capability - One of the many cool aspects of this site is that every business, in each membership category (including the free membership), has SEO  (search engine optimization) capability for search engines to find your business.  The following is an explanation and examples of SEO.  These examples will help you complete the membership form and get your business or services noticed on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

  • SEO Title - This introduces the search engine to what the page is about.  Ideally, this should be around 60 characters.  Example, Cafe Agua Azul, Local Restaurants in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • SEO Description - This provides a summary of the page to the search engine.  Ideally, this should be around 160 characters.  Example, Cafe Agua Azul is located the scenic jungle beach town of Manuel Antonio.  A classy local restaurant where all the locals dine.
  • SEO Keywords - Some smaller search engines use this tag to know the main keywords for the page.  Ideally 10-12 words should be fine.  Example, Cafe Agua Azul, local restaurants manuel antonio, restaurants costa rica, cafe manuel antonio.

Membership Summary

Complimentary “FREE” Membership

  • No cost for tremendous visibility under individual categories
  • Provide all company information, Name/address/phone/email/website and Hours of operation
  • Provide a short tag line
  • Beneficial for all companies and services in Manuel Antonio and Quepos
  • Can receive Reviews and Ratings
  • Includes SEO capability of keywords, description and title

Basic Membership

  • All benefits of the Complimentary Membership but with additional visibility .
  • Tremendous visibility under specific categories
  • Can list company in 2 different categories
  • Can provide company image
  • Ability to educate audience with Short and Long description of company/services

Premier Membership

  • All benefits of the Basic Membership plus placement in up to 3 categories and 10 images 
  • Most popular membership
  • Free - 12 months of Featured AD that scrolls across the main page and 12 monthly Specials
  • Listing will be represented higher in your selected category

Elite Membership

  • All benefits of the Premier Membership plus many advantages
  • Largest size available for company descriptions 
  • Increased visibility with listing in up to 5 categories
  • Can list up to 30 images and 30 documents (such as menu's, real estate sales flyers, etc..
  • Ability to Participate in the extremely visible Center Business Ad banner
  • Listing will be represented the highest in your selected category
  • Largest amount of keywords to find your business

In Addition to all of the Free Specials and Feature ADs identified above for the Premier and Elite Memberships,  the following is provided as a further comparison: 

Features Complimentary "Free" Premier Premier 3 Elite SPECIAL, with 12 months of Banner Ads
Category Limit: 1 2 3 4 6
Logo: -
Title Size: 100 175 225 250 255
Short Description/Tag line Size: 25 50 75 100 200
Description Size: 50 100 1000 2500 5000
HTML Editor: -
Keywords Limit: 15 20 25 35 50
Email to a Friend:
PDF: - - -
Accept Suggestions:
Number of Classifieds: 0 0 5 30 50
Classified Images: - -
Number of Images: 0 0 10 30 50
Number of Documents (ie. Restaurant menu): 0 0 10 30 50
SEO Keywords Limit: 300 500 750 1000 1500
SEO Title Size: 175 200 225 250 255
SEO Description Size: 300 500 750 1000 1500
Video Link 1: - -
Video Link 2: - -
Video Link 3: - -
Video Link 4: - -
Video Link 5: - -
Video Link 6: - - -
Video Link 7: - - -
Video Link 8: - - -
Video Link 9: - - -
Video Link 10: - - -
Center Banner Ad: 0 0 0 0 12
Pricing: Term: Lifetime
Price: Free
BUY Membership

Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: $100.00
BUY Membership

Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: $334.00
BUY Membership

Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: $474.00
BUY Membership

Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: $790.00
BUY Membership

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